Los Angeles area companies invited to the Select Brands Exhibition

Los Angeles, California ? July 8, 2016:?The Los Angeles-Auckland Select Brands Exhibition will be held from September 29 to October 14, 2016 at the Grandview Mall in Guangzhou, China. The Grandview Mall is the largest modern shopping center integrating retail, recreation, dining, convention and exhibition, sports, tourism and business.

Los Angeles area companies are invited to participate in the upcoming showcase for U.S. consumer products, which will reach millions of Guangzhou’s increasingly affluent consumers. Whether selling apparel brands, fine foods or liquors, gift items or any other products, Los Angeles & Auckland Select Brands Exhibition will give the participants a great opportunity to capitalize on the brand’s recognition and promote them to the Chinese consumers.

Vlady Cornateanu, President/CEO of Addiction, says, ?Besides the consumers, the festival will be attended by wholesalers, retailers and shopping mall buyers as well as major internet retailers giving the brands maximum exposure to the ever growing Chinese consumer market.? Companies are invited to participate in the full exhibition and their representatives can stay for few days or the entire time. Local employees will staff the booths at all times.

To participate, submit your application at?https://selectbrands.eventbrite.com. There is no cost to register but participants will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and associated expenses of shipping products to the event and paying approximately $250 USD in China Custom?s duties. Space is limited to 20 companies inside the U.S. pavilion.

Vlady Cornateanu serves as the Grandview Shopping Mall U.S. Representative.